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Use the support form below for your unsolved problem your suggestion.  It is important that you check available information before initiating email support.  Please take a minute of your time to check the following sources.

First, did you check the Knowledgebase?

There's plenty of answers available right away at our
»Knowledgebase (this link opens a new browser window).
You are probably going to find answer here!   Searchable.

Second, did you check these ressources?

»QIKtest homepage on EEG Info Europe
»QIKtest Overview
»Running a QIKtest, Video
»Running a QIKtest, Instructions
»Connecting QIKtest to EEG Expert, Video
»QIKtest Setup USB (newer model)
»QIKtest Setup SERIAL (older model)
»Knowledgebase for QIKtest and EEG Expert

Third, watch these two explanatory videos.

»Video "How to Administer QIKtest" »Video "Connecting to EEG Expert"

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Use the support form for your unsolved problem your suggestion.

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